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Q2 Market Update 2024: Multi-Factor Analysis of the Economy and Markets Thumbnail

Q2 Market Update 2024: Multi-Factor Analysis of the Economy and Markets

Domestic large and mid-sized companies led total returns in the last twelve months and through the initial two quarters of 2024 (although emerging markets were about 1.6% higher than mid-sized companies on a year-to-date basis). Large companies generated a positive total return in the second quarter with mid-size and small companies contracting a couple percent, but on a year-to-date basis all three categories have generated positive total returns...

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The Modern Day Gold Rush Thumbnail

The Modern Day Gold Rush

Many moons ago, I was a Personal Finance Planning major at Central Michigan University. I distinctly remember in the Spring of 2012, my finance class had a competition amongst my peers to see who could make the most money in a trading simulation system. At the time, gold was trading at all-time highs. It was the “hot” asset class that was outperforming everything else. The code was cracked (buy gold), and I was destined to be the top performer. Alas, it was not to be, but it got me thinking. With all of the recent headlines of gold hitting all-time highs and the infatuation from the consumer: Is gold really an asset class for the long term?

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Treasuries as an Investment Thumbnail

Treasuries as an Investment

The single most important investment in the global financial system is the U.S. Treasury Security. In my first investing class in college, I remember the professor explaining that our entire investing and financial system is built upon the premise that treasuries are the safest investment and that the U.S. always pays its debts. That statement might sound strange to those who are not a fan of the way we as a country run a deficit or to those who have paid close attention to the budget ceiling fights in recent years. Despite those factors, the premise is true, and that is why treasuries are the single most important investment in the U.S. financial system.

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Divorce- Stay or Go, What You Must Know.  Thumbnail

Divorce- Stay or Go, What You Must Know.

It is often said that “half of marriages end in divorce.” The truth is that divorce rates have declined over the last ten years (1). Whether you choose to stay married or divorce, the amount of couples getting divorced is still staggering and it can happen to any of us. Divorce is far reaching, often affecting more than just the two people involved and their possessions. Family, friendships, children, businesses, real estate, income, assets, and retirement are a few things on that very long list.

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Q1 Market Update 2024- The Inflation & Interest Rate Story Thumbnail

Q1 Market Update 2024- The Inflation & Interest Rate Story

For many years, market participants have been closely following every statement made by the Federal Reserve Chairperson and every data point used by the Fed to guide its decisions. However, it has become increasingly tiresome. While monetary policy, including interest rates, is undeniably important, the daily fluctuations caused by inflation reports and their potential influence on the Fed's interest rate decisions have become excessive...

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 Developing Your Financial Fitness Thumbnail

Developing Your Financial Fitness

You work hard to keep your body fit and healthy. Regular exercise, dieting, annual physicals, doctors visits and perhaps even taking supplements are all a part of your physical fitness plan. But are you giving the same attention to your financial fitness? For many people, personal savings and retirement planning are not made a priority like they should be. I could argue that your finances are just as important as your physical health. Here are some things to consider about your financial fitness:

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