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CD’s vs Fixed Annuities - Battle of the Guaranteed Investments Thumbnail

CD’s vs Fixed Annuities - Battle of the Guaranteed Investments

For over a decade (from 2009 through 2021), many investors dismissed these investments because the interest they could earn was almost laughable. However, things have changed! Since the end of 2021, interest rates have increased dramatically on virtually all interest bearing investments. As a result, the interest you can earn on your “safe” money through investments like CDs and annuities has more than doubled. By the end of this article, you will better understand when and how you can use each of these investments to maximize your financial well-being, improve your retirement, and keep your money working hard for you.

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Big Three Prepare to Strike Thumbnail

Big Three Prepare to Strike

2023 has been an intense year for union workers nationwide in many industries, from UPS workers to actors and writers. With high inflation rates have come high demands during contract negotiations. The buzz surrounding current talks between the UAW and the Big Three (GM, Ford, and Stellantis) has been no different. As negotiations prolong and a contract expiration date of September 14 is looming, many UAW workers are having increased concern over the prospect of a lengthy strike.

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The "B" Word Thumbnail

The "B" Word

No, I’m not talking about that “B” word! I’m talking about that curse word known as a BUDGET. I commonly refer to your budget as “Lifestyle”. Now, I’m not talking about a budget in the sense that everyone has to have an itemized spreadsheet or spend countless hours a week micromanaging transactions. In generalities, a budget is having an idea of how much income is coming in and how much in expenses are going out. Typically, most households run their budget on a month to month basis for simplicity. This gives us an idea of how much money is left over each month. To be frank, when you retire not only will you have to know your budget, but you will also have to live within it. Otherwise, you run the risk of running out of money. At some point, you will need to carefully manage income and expenses, so why not start practicing today?

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