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Q1 Market Update 2024- The Inflation & Interest Rate Story Thumbnail

Q1 Market Update 2024- The Inflation & Interest Rate Story

For many years, market participants have been closely following every statement made by the Federal Reserve Chairperson and every data point used by the Fed to guide its decisions. However, it has become increasingly tiresome. While monetary policy, including interest rates, is undeniably important, the daily fluctuations caused by inflation reports and their potential influence on the Fed's interest rate decisions have become excessive...

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Self-Directed 401k Investing Thumbnail

Self-Directed 401k Investing

Many 401k participants have a little-known feature available to them that dramatically increases the number of investment options and, by extension, increases the quality of their options. This feature is available at major employers such as The University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Lansing Board of Water and Light, and the State of Michigan. The feature is known as a self-directed brokerage account.

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Q4 Market Update 2023- Turning the Corner Thumbnail

Q4 Market Update 2023- Turning the Corner

When we look back at 2023, we’ll remember it as a banner year for markets. Stocks were up across the board and even bonds produced a solid return. A rough 3rd quarter that led to a rally in November and December pulled markets ahead for a fantastic finish to 2023.

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Roth IRAs Three Huge Benefits Thumbnail

Roth IRAs Three Huge Benefits

If I could only contribute to one retirement account for the rest of my working career, it would be a Roth IRA or Roth 401k. Although there are many benefits to a Roth IRA, there are three benefits that I find to be most intriguing. On top of the benefits I lay out below, you will be pleased to hear that in recent years employers have made the Roth 401k more accessible and the contribution limit on Roth IRAs has increased!

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Q3 Market Update 2023: Changing Seasons Thumbnail

Q3 Market Update 2023: Changing Seasons

It's many folks' favorite season! Fall brings apple cider, donuts, football, and of particular importance to the Carter family- hunting season. The changing of the seasons on the calendar mirrors the changing of the figurative seasons we have witnessed here at FSG.

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