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ETFs and Zero Transaction Fees Thumbnail

ETFs and Zero Transaction Fees

In 2019, I wrote the article you see below. At the time, I was extremely excited about the prospect of ETFs beginning to trade at zero cost, and frankly, I still am. Free trading of ETFs (and stocks in many cases) is a huge advancement for investors and gives us, as your financial advisor, additional tools to manage your portfolio. Below is a quick refresher on the history of ETFs, which explains what happened in 2019 and why I was excited about it. I have added additional commentary to the original article in italics.

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Cash: Trash or King? Thumbnail

Cash: Trash or King?

Cash is truly a horrible investment. I’m not talking about folding paper; I'm talking about savings accounts, money markets, and short-term CDs. In the same breath that I say cash is trash, I could also say cash is king. Cash is king as it is the single most important financial planning tool.

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Third Quarter Market Update: Bear Market Bounces Thumbnail

Third Quarter Market Update: Bear Market Bounces

If you’ve ever planted and cared for trees, particularly fruit trees, you know that, in the initial years, the saplings require quite a bit of extra attention. Newly planted trees need lots of water until established, along with fertilizer and prudent trimming. Initially, trimming branches may weaken the tree, but it's important for the tree's long-term health. I view market corrections in the same light. Without periodic setbacks such as a correction or bear market, we would always be teetering on the edge of a bubble. Most of you who were investing in the early 2000s and during the 2008 financial crisis know when a bubble bursts, it is far more painful than an average correction.

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Retirement Plans for the Small Business Owner and Their Employees Thumbnail

Retirement Plans for the Small Business Owner and Their Employees

Business owners have a great deal of responsibilities to contend with on a day-to-day basis. As a business owner myself, I can understand and appreciate the sometimes overwhelming list of tasks that need to be done. Among that list, usually somewhere near the bottom, is the process of setting up a retirement plan for yourself and your employees. Although setting up a plan does involve some work on the part of business owners, it does not necessarily need to be a time-consuming or expensive proposition.

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Why Investors Should Stop Watching the Index Thumbnail

Why Investors Should Stop Watching the Index

When someone says “The Stock Market,” often the images that come to mind are screaming traders in blue jackets or a large mahogany desk perched atop the glass and steel of Wall Street’s skyscrapers. While everyone has a different image of the stock market, when gauging how well the market is doing, most investors think of the same two or three market indexes. The problem with using these popular indexes as the comparison is that investors are often much more diversified and conservative than these “benchmarks.”

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