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The "B" Word Thumbnail

The "B" Word

No, I’m not talking about that “B” word! I’m talking about that curse word known as a BUDGET. I commonly refer to your budget as “Lifestyle”. Now, I’m not talking about a budget in the sense that everyone has to have an itemized spreadsheet or spend countless hours a week micromanaging transactions. In generalities, a budget is having an idea of how much income is coming in and how much in expenses are going out. At some point, you will need to carefully manage income and expenses, so why not start practicing today?

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Gamestop, Reddit and Wall Street Thumbnail

Gamestop, Reddit and Wall Street

It feels as if 2020 produced enough headlines for a decade. A global pandemic, mass protests, an emotionally charged election and some dude named the “Tiger King” are just a few of the many stories that kept our interest. Yet, here it is the second month into 2021, and Gamestop is dominating the headlines. Gamestop, which was once a place to buy a video game, became the topic of discussion at every dinner table, group text and social media platform last week.

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The New 529 Thumbnail

The New 529

Are you trying to make aggressive payments on student loans? If so, this is certainly an effective new strategy that can be utilized to shelter income from state tax that did not exist prior to the passing of the Secure Act.

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Developing and Maintaining Your Financial Fitness Thumbnail

Developing and Maintaining Your Financial Fitness

"You work hard to keep your body fit and healthy. Regular exercise, dieting, annual physicals, doctors visits and perhaps even taking supplements are all a part of your physical fitness plan. But are you giving the same attention to your financial fitness? For many people, personal savings and retirement planning are not made a priority like they should be. I could argue that your finances are just as important as your physical health."

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Equifax Data Breach Thumbnail

Equifax Data Breach

"The settlement between Equifax and the US Government over their 2017 data breach has been reached. There have been plenty of headlines and talk surrounding the settlement. I wanted to take some time and highlight the important things to know and considerations if you were affected."

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Risks and Opportunities for the 2018 GM Buyouts Thumbnail

Risks and Opportunities for the 2018 GM Buyouts

Shortly after releasing a strong third-quarter earnings report for 2018, GM sent correspondence to 50,000 of its employees that the company will be offering a voluntary severance package. The package is being offered to about 18,000 salaried employees who have 12 years or more experience.

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