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How to Enjoy Retirement and Still Provide a Legacy Thumbnail

How to Enjoy Retirement and Still Provide a Legacy

For retirees that wish to truly enjoy their retirement but still want to provide a legacy, setting priorities and finding a balance will be key. Most would agree that ensuring one's stability in retirement should be the top priority. The first step to ensuring you can enjoy retirement is to make sure you have enough money saved in the right type of accounts to make this happen.

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Financial Spring Cleaning Thumbnail

Financial Spring Cleaning

Springtime is here! Spring brings a sense of renewal and optimism after the long dreary winter months. As the warmer weather moves in, we tend to find ourselves feeling more motivated, ready to clear out the old and bring in the new! Spring cleaning is a popular tradition for many, as it provides a chance to clear out any stagnant clutter and stale air. We kick off the season with scrubbing, organizing, and decluttering all of the physical aspects of our home and lives. This year, in addition to tidying up your home and other physical aspects of your life, why not do the same for your finances?

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Roth IRAs: Three Huge Benefits Thumbnail

Roth IRAs: Three Huge Benefits

"If I could only contribute to one retirement account for the rest of my working career, it would be the Roth IRA/401k. Although there are many benefits to a Roth IRA, there are three benefits that I find to be most intriguing. On top of the benefits I lay out below, you will be pleased to hear that in recent years employers have made the Roth 401k more accessible and the contribution limit on Roth IRAs has been increased!"

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Protecting and Insuring the “Marital Roles” When It Comes to Finance	 Thumbnail

Protecting and Insuring the “Marital Roles” When It Comes to Finance

I meet and work with people over a broad spectrum of ages, cultures, and lifestyles. They say as a “teacher” you tend to learn as much, if not more, about people and financing than you teach. Nothing could be truer than this over the 13 years I have been consulting people on life and finances. When it comes to married couples, like any “team”, there are roles that must be taken on by both spouses to support the greater good of the team.

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