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Q1 Market Update 2024- The Inflation & Interest Rate Story Thumbnail

Q1 Market Update 2024- The Inflation & Interest Rate Story

For many years, market participants have been closely following every statement made by the Federal Reserve Chairperson and every data point used by the Fed to guide its decisions. However, it has become increasingly tiresome. While monetary policy, including interest rates, is undeniably important, the daily fluctuations caused by inflation reports and their potential influence on the Fed's interest rate decisions have become excessive...

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Big Three Prepare to Strike Thumbnail

Big Three Prepare to Strike

2023 has been an intense year for union workers nationwide in many industries, from UPS workers to actors and writers. With high inflation rates have come high demands during contract negotiations. The buzz surrounding current talks between the UAW and the Big Three (GM, Ford, and Stellantis) has been no different. As negotiations prolong and a contract expiration date of September 14 is looming, many UAW workers are having increased concern over the prospect of a lengthy strike.

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