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Prosperity by the Pint

Business , investing, and beer talk for Generation XY and Millennials.

Host Brice Carter talks about money, investing, business and life success while having a cold one. Brice is a millennial and thought leader in personal finance. He is one of the youngest people in the country to ever earn the CFP(R) designation and is also a Certified Investment Management Analyst and Chartered Financial Consultant.

Episode 1: Financial Pros and Cons for Millennials Thumbnail

Episode 1: Financial Pros and Cons for Millennials

In this episode host, Brice Carter talks about the financial advantages and disadvantages millennials and generation X have faced. While older generations might have had a more stable job environment younger people are finding ways to hustle and succeed. The beverage of choice during this episode is Alaskan Brewing Smash Galaxy Double IPA.

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