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Our story

The genesis of Financial Strategies Group lies in the year 1988 when Mark Carter had a vision for a better future for his family.  It took an immense amount of courage to leave a steady job in a field he had known since he was a young teen but ultimately Mark longed for the unlimited potential he would have as his own boss.  Relying only on the confidence he had in his work ethic and his resilience to creatively solve problems, Mark began what is now FSG. 

Today, FSG has that same grit and passion running through its veins.  As a second-generation business, FSG has been Mark's dream come true, but not just for the Carter family, for his clients and staff as well.  Together with his children, Mark is still proud of the work that we do, our commitment to our clients and always doing what is in their best interest, and our love for our team members.  Why is it that we do what we do?  Because, we believe the choices that a person makes affect the quality of their life.

To learn more about FSG, our roots, and our history please click the link below.

Our Full Story

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