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Why Investors Should Stop Watching the Index Thumbnail

Why Investors Should Stop Watching the Index

When someone says “The Stock Market,” often the images that come to mind are screaming traders in blue jackets or a large mahogany desk perched atop the glass and steel of Wall Street’s skyscrapers. While everyone has a different image of the stock market, when gauging how well the market is doing, most investors think of the same two or three market indexes. The problem with using these popular indexes as the comparison is that investors are often much more diversified and conservative than these “benchmarks.”

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Why I Bought Life Insurance on My Newborn Thumbnail

Why I Bought Life Insurance on My Newborn

I have heard and read arguments by very financially astute individuals that it is unnecessary to purchase life insurance on an infant because they do not produce an economic value. Another way of saying that is because the infant does not produce an income there is no loss of income to insure against. I believe that argument is completely and utterly ridiculous.

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Market Update Q2: Are We in a Recession? Thumbnail

Market Update Q2: Are We in a Recession?

With two tough quarters, we are not sure what the third quarter will look like. However, we know there are three questions on everyone's mind: 1. Are we in a recession? (If not now, is one coming?) 2. When will inflation (specifically gas prices) come down? 3. How long will this market last?...

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Financial Exploitation: Protecting Seniors Thumbnail

Financial Exploitation: Protecting Seniors

As financial advisors, one area that we are well versed in is protecting our clients from financial fraud. Although everyone is susceptible to falling victim to fraud, seniors tend to be the group that is targeted most frequently. Therefore, in observance of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15th, we will focus on one area of elder abuse: financial exploitation.

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My Evolving View on Cryptocurrency Thumbnail

My Evolving View on Cryptocurrency

I can admit when I’m wrong… Sometimes. When it comes to digital assets and cryptocurrency, I’ll admit that a few years ago, I was pretty critical and skeptical. However, I have since changed my tune and have become an investor and perhaps even an enthusiast. I could give you many reasons for my previous skepticism, but it amounts to not knowing the asset class well enough.

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The New Age of Financial Responsibility Thumbnail

The New Age of Financial Responsibility

I grew up in a small town outside of Flint, Michigan called Swartz Creek. Many of the people in our community worked for one of the “Big Three” automakers, including my uncle, all three of my best friends’ dads, and many of my extended family. These companies were a classic example of a typical 20th-century employer. Right out of high school you could get a good job and make a very good living. It was certainly not easy work, but if you stuck with it for 30 years you would be well taken care of with an opportunity for early retirement, a good pension, and excellent health care benefits. Today, things are very different.

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