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The Numbers and Psychology of Retirement Thumbnail

The Numbers and Psychology of Retirement

Planning for retirement and retirement itself is both a game of numbers and psychology. Both areas serve to create the most successful planning and, ironically, a focus on each of these areas individually serve the other. The numbers are the foundation and lifeblood of any retirement plan. Most people, even the ones actively saving for retirement, do not have a clear and specific idea of what their investments will be and what they can expect from them when they retire.

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2020 Second Quarter Market Update- The Recovery Continues Thumbnail

2020 Second Quarter Market Update- The Recovery Continues

The second quarter of 2020 will make history as will the first quarter albeit for different reasons. As we all painfully remember the Q1 marked nearly unprecedented volatility in the markets as the world dealt with the unfolding news of Covid-19. The S&P 500 plummeted to its lowest when it fell 33% from its high in less than 5 weeks. Beginning near the end of Q1 and sprinting straight through Q2 the market has come roaring back.

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Aggressive vs Speculative Investor  Thumbnail

Aggressive vs Speculative Investor

Have you ever spoken to a financial advisor, or taken a quiz relative to investing, and as a result someone called you “aggressive”? It’s a term that gets used pretty frequently in my industry but I think it is often misunderstood. A lot of people get uncomfortable at the idea that they might be an aggressive investor, but “aggressive” is not the same thing as “speculative”.

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Retirement Plans For Small Businesses Thumbnail

Retirement Plans For Small Businesses

I can understand and appreciate the overwhelming list of tasks that a business owner sometimes has to accomplish. Perhaps on that list there may be the task of setting up a retirement plan for employees. There are three retirement options employers could consider implementing, depending on what they are hoping to accomplish, Payroll Deduction IRA, Simple IRA, or 401(k).

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The New 529 Thumbnail

The New 529

Are you trying to make aggressive payments on student loans? If so, this is certainly an effective new strategy that can be utilized to shelter income from state tax that did not exist prior to the passing of the Secure Act.

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Is the Market the Economy?	 Thumbnail

Is the Market the Economy?

"It is all but certain that we are in a recession. The data is not out yet, but I would be very surprised if we are not in a recession. A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. We all know that half the country was shut down for much of the first quarter and even more of the economy has been shut down for the second quarter."

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Market Update: Reopening the Economy Thumbnail

Market Update: Reopening the Economy

"Did you think three months ago that by the end of April the world as you know it would have changed drastically? That has become a reality for most people amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic and the drastic measures taken by federal, state, and local governments in an effort to protect the population. With so many people making huge sacrifices to protect their businesses and their families, at what point can we expect some normalcy?"

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