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The Power of “Passive Income” Thumbnail

The Power of “Passive Income”

The definition of passive income is revenue that is generated in a way that doesn’t involve significant or ongoing labor, energy, or time to earn or maintain. In other words, it’s basically what’s referred to as “making money while you sleep”. There are three main ways to generate passive income: buying real estate, starting a business that involves limited effort, or investing in the market. It is important to identify what option is best for you according to your individual goals and objectives.

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2021 Third Quarter Market Update- The Markets are Spinning Wheels Thumbnail

2021 Third Quarter Market Update- The Markets are Spinning Wheels

A tremendous amount happened this past quarter at least from a geopolitical perspective. As far as the market is concerned nothing significant happened. The DOW opened July at 34,507 and opened on September 30th at 34,467. If you closed your eyes on July 1 and didn’t open them until October 1, you might think the market didn’t move. We all know better than that. The markets moved up, down, and...

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Being "Cyber Smart": Tips to Keep You Safe Online Thumbnail

Being "Cyber Smart": Tips to Keep You Safe Online

In these times, we are connected virtually more than ever. Internet usage has been ramping up rapidly for years now, and then came Covid. Many of us were forced into a completely digital world, not only personally, but also for work and school. Our rapidly increasing reliance on technology makes us very vulnerable to cybersecurity safety concerns, such as identity theft, phishing, security breaches, viruses and malware attacks. Luckily, there are several simple ways to proactively mitigate risks and stay one step ahead of many potential cybersecurity issues.

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A Practical Guide To Finding A Financial Advisor Thumbnail

A Practical Guide To Finding A Financial Advisor

A financial professional's business card may say “financial adviser”, but that does not mean they are truly a financial adviser. By doing your homework you can increase the odds of hiring an advisor with a high level of integrity, however, you will still need to feel that you can trust them. Look for an advisor who you believe has a similar moral compass to your own. Once you find them, ask them the tough questions to make sure they are not just a good person, but that they are also qualified.

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Why do Roth IRAs exist? Thumbnail

Why do Roth IRAs exist?

Lately, I have been getting this question frequently. For some folks, it’s the first time they’re hearing about tax-free growth. For others who have been saving in a Roth for a long time, or are converting pre-tax dollars to Roth IRA, they have never really considered just how beneficial tax-free growth truly is. This is especially true when you have a 10, 15, even 20+ year timeline.

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Do’s and Don'ts of 401k’s Thumbnail

Do’s and Don'ts of 401k’s

Now, more than ever, the workplace is in constant change. The level of education and direction regarding what is for most people the largest portion of their retirement, your 401k or 403b, is solely put on your shoulders. With little direction, you may only have an 800 number or website to give you some assistance to help you decide the best direction for your future. We believe that education is key for everyone who is trying to save for retirement and has a goal to strive for. This is the perfect time to begin working with a qualified Financial Advisor to better understand your options.

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