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Why do Roth IRAs exist? Thumbnail

Why do Roth IRAs exist?

Lately, I have been getting this question frequently. For some folks, it’s the first time they’re hearing about tax-free growth. For others who have been saving in a Roth for a long time, or are converting pre-tax dollars to Roth IRA, they have never really considered just how beneficial tax-free growth truly is. This is especially true when you have a 10, 15, even 20+ year timeline.

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Why it is better to lose small than win big Thumbnail

Why it is better to lose small than win big

Imagine this: the year is 2014 and your diversified investment portfolio is earning a measly 7% while your neighbor Joe’s S&P 500 index is up over 14%(1). As if that wasn’t enough, Dianne, across the street made a risky decision to buy airline stocks and she’s all but doubled her investment (2)! So what gives? You’ve hired a financial advisor, and they don’t seem to be keeping up. This is the plight of many investors, but when is the last time Joe and Dianne came to your door to tell you about their big loss?

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What My Hobby Taught Me About Seeking Advice	 Thumbnail

What My Hobby Taught Me About Seeking Advice

It all started when a project on my honey-do list required me to dust off the circular saw. I discovered an interest in woodworking... Most people start their research on Google but fail to realize that everyone has a unique set of circumstances and goals, so general advice isn’t going to get you where you need to be, at least not efficiently. The same goes for financial advice. There are a lot of different ways to save and invest, but making sure you are using the right investments and saving your money in the right places will have a huge impact on the quality and success of your goals.

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Aggressive vs Speculative Investor  Thumbnail

Aggressive vs Speculative Investor

Have you ever spoken to a financial advisor, or taken a quiz relative to investing, and as a result someone called you “aggressive”? It’s a term that gets used pretty frequently in my industry but I think it is often misunderstood. A lot of people get uncomfortable at the idea that they might be an aggressive investor, but “aggressive” is not the same thing as “speculative”.

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Market Update: Reopening the Economy Thumbnail

Market Update: Reopening the Economy

"Did you think three months ago that by the end of April the world as you know it would have changed drastically? That has become a reality for most people amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic and the drastic measures taken by federal, state, and local governments in an effort to protect the population. With so many people making huge sacrifices to protect their businesses and their families, at what point can we expect some normalcy?"

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