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We’re an open book

These are our most frequently asked questions.



Getting to Know You

Our first 1-2 meetings will focus on open dialogue so we can learn about you and your goals.  We understand finances can be quite personal and require a high level of trust, so we want you to use this time to get to know us, too.


Solidify Our Relationship

With the information we learned in the discovery meeting, we can look deeper into our role in your financial picture and the value of what we can do.  If we see each other as a good fit, we can begin our partnership.


Creating Your Personal Plan

We’ve put time and care into getting to know each other because we do not believe in a “one size fits all” plan. This is the foundation of creating a strategy that strongly supports the needs of you and your family. During this step, we will make a point to communicate and fine tune any aspects before implementation.


Putting Your Plan in Action

Our education and experience go to work as we handle the analytical side of the collaborative strategy made regarding goals for you and your family.


Evaluating Your Financial Progress

Touching base periodically is a vital piece of our partnership. Regular communication and reviews accompany the work we are doing behind the scenes to proactively ensure your plan is performing optimally.

Q: Are you a fiduciary?

Yes, this means we are bound ethically, by the highest legal standard, to act in your best interest.



If you’ve ever met with a financial salesperson who made you feel they did not have your best interest in mind, your instincts may have been right. Because we have a genuine care for you, we believe that advice you receive should not be motivated by the selling of products unnecessary to you. We understand the fear that can arise when looking for someone to trust. This is why we have chosen to be an independent, family owned company with a fiduciary duty.


Our advising team is continually pursuing education above and beyond the minimum requirements. We have five advisors who have earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, four who have earned the Chartered Financial Consultant® designation, two who have earned the Certified Investment Management Analyst® designation, two with a Masters of Science in Financial Services., one with an MBA, and one with that has earned the Chartered Advisor in Philosophy designation. 

Q: HOW do I stay up to date on my accounts performance?

FSG has a client login and mobile app designed for you to be able to easily obtain the information you want on your account. The client portal includes transparent performance reporting as well as asset allocation tools and other features.


Transparency is part of our DNA and we strive to be open with our clients and prospects at all times.  We believe you should not be left wondering how much and in what ways your financial advisor is compensated. After discussing your preferences, we will work together to determine which payment method best fits your specific plan. Depending on your needs, we may be compensated in one or more of the following ways.

Investment Advisory Accounts: If you choose to have FSG manage an investment account, we can deduct an agreed upon amount from your account each month. This fee for service is typically done as a percentage of assets and varies based on the amount of assets you have with us and the complexity of your situation.  We will not start deducting fees from your account(s) until we have prior written approval from you. These fees show up on your statements each month.

Invoicing or debiting from your bank account: Much like how you work with your accountant or attorney, you can choose to hire us based on an hourly rate, financial planning project, or on a retainer basis. You have the choice to pay for our services by writing a check or authorizing us to deduct a bank account. We can also work on a retainer basis where we debit your bank account automatically each month. These fees vary based on which advisor you are working with and how complex your situation is. You will not receive a bill from us nor will your bank account be debited without prior written approval from you.

Commissions: Financial Strategies Group Inc. does not receive commissions but it’s advisors may hold insurance licenses and receive commissions from the sale of insurance and annuity products.


FSG does not custody assets, a third party custodian does this.  These third party custodians are chosen after a rigorous vetting of a number of providers. This means the advisors at Financial Strategies are not incentivised to place your investments in certain places nor does Financial Strategies house your account money.  

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