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What to Consider When Choosing a Bank Thumbnail

What to Consider When Choosing a Bank

Choosing a banking institution seems like a simple enough task. Many people have banked with the same institution since their first job (or the same lineage of institutions after various acquisitions). However, just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it fits your needs. This article outlines a few things to consider when choosing a bank.

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Procrastination: A Quiet Enemy Thumbnail

Procrastination: A Quiet Enemy

Procrastination is a quiet yet effective enemy to all of our ambitions - especially our most meaningful and rewarding ambitions that require a long period of sustained thought, discipline, and effort to convert from pure mental desires into physical realities. Furthermore, it is essentially impossible to avoid procrastinating on the necessary actions/decisions that contribute to accomplishing a pleasant desire while lacking awareness of the cause-effect relationships that enable the realization of the desire. Although someone may not be seemingly procrastinating in the general sense while engaging in unnecessary (unproductive) actions to achieve a desire - they are unknowingly procrastinating on the necessary (productive) actions by lacking awareness of such actions (causes) involved in the cause-effect relationships.

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Why Investors Should Stop Watching the Index Thumbnail

Why Investors Should Stop Watching the Index

When someone says “The Stock Market,” often the images that come to mind are screaming traders in blue jackets or a large mahogany desk perched atop the glass and steel of Wall Street’s skyscrapers. While everyone has a different image of the stock market, when gauging how well the market is doing, most investors think of the same two or three market indexes. The problem with using these popular indexes as the comparison is that investors are often much more diversified and conservative than these “benchmarks.”

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Why I Bought Life Insurance on My Newborn Thumbnail

Why I Bought Life Insurance on My Newborn

I have heard and read arguments by very financially astute individuals that it is unnecessary to purchase life insurance on an infant because they do not produce an economic value. Another way of saying that is because the infant does not produce an income there is no loss of income to insure against. I believe that argument is completely and utterly ridiculous.

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My Evolving View on Cryptocurrency Thumbnail

My Evolving View on Cryptocurrency

I can admit when I’m wrong… Sometimes. When it comes to digital assets and cryptocurrency, I’ll admit that a few years ago, I was pretty critical and skeptical. However, I have since changed my tune and have become an investor and perhaps even an enthusiast. I could give you many reasons for my previous skepticism, but it amounts to not knowing the asset class well enough.

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Market Update and Portfolio Changes: This Time is NOT Different! Thumbnail

Market Update and Portfolio Changes: This Time is NOT Different!

We are facing a bump in the road right now, and I can feel anxiety and panic coming from some clients. I’m writing this today to hopefully relieve some of those emotions and explain what has happened in markets, why it has happened, and what FSG is doing. In addition, this past Monday, the 9th, Mark Carter and I recorded a video talking about many of the same things.

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