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2020 First Quarter Market Update -“Nothing new under the Sun” Thumbnail

2020 First Quarter Market Update -“Nothing new under the Sun”

"From a financial standpoint, the government's response to COVID-19 has been quick and dramatic, to say the least. The federal reserve has slashed interest rates and has committed to “unlimited” asset purchases. Additionally, the bipartisan “C.A.R.E.S. Act” was passed on March 27th which will provide $2.2 trillion in stimulus. The Federal Reserve, State Governments, and the Federal Government seem ready and willing to do whatever it takes to ease the pain of this Pandemic. All of this effort and stimulus combined with the fact that the stock market has proven to be resilient leads us to believe humanity and markets will emerge from this pandemic all the wiser."

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The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) Thumbnail

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act)

"The CARES Act provides 2 trillion dollars of government aid along with several SIGNIFICANT changes to preexisting IRS, retirement accounts, and other financial rules in attempts to open up opportunities for individuals and small businesses to survive in this time of crisis. I have broken down and summarized that document here into 5 key areas: Recovery Rebates, Coronavirus Related Distributions, Significant Tax Changes to Retirement Accounts, Unemployment Compensation Benefits, and Small Business Benefits."

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Market Update: March 27, 2020 Thumbnail

Market Update: March 27, 2020

"Throughout this market meltdown, we are committed to keeping you updated. That is why for the foreseeable future we will be producing a market commentary weekly. Additionally, we know there are an incredible amount of negative headlines right now so we will be doing our very best to share some positive headlines!"

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What is my Advisor doing during a Bear Market? Thumbnail

What is my Advisor doing during a Bear Market?

"Anyone can seem like a good financial advisor when markets are doing well. The expectation investors have when investing in capital markets is to make money, so when expectations are easy to meet, the bar tends to be set pretty low. However, it’s when markets are down (like the current bear market caused by COVID-19) that separates great financial advisors from mediocre ones. It’s times like these when people may wonder what their financial advisor is doing during this bear market. I can’t speak for all financial advisors, but I can tell you what the advisors at Financial Strategies Group have been and will continue to be doing in the weeks and months ahead."

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The DO’s and DON’T’s During Market Volatility Thumbnail

The DO’s and DON’T’s During Market Volatility

"I have often said that what separates average investors and the great ones is how they make decisions when the markets become volatile. With education and understanding comes great discipline. There is an actual science around disciplined investing which has always been the easiest and most probable way to be successful in the markets long term."

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Developing and Maintaining Your Financial Fitness Thumbnail

Developing and Maintaining Your Financial Fitness

"You work hard to keep your body fit and healthy. Regular exercise, dieting, annual physicals, doctors visits and perhaps even taking supplements are all a part of your physical fitness plan. But are you giving the same attention to your financial fitness? For many people, personal savings and retirement planning are not made a priority like they should be. I could argue that your finances are just as important as your physical health."

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The Anatomy Of A Stock Market Crash Thumbnail

The Anatomy Of A Stock Market Crash

"It was not even three weeks ago that I wrote and sent our last communication about the “Coronavirus Chaos” correction. That piece was easy to write. This one was not. Not because I am at a loss for words, but because there is too much information that I want to convey. With that being said, I had to narrow this down to a handful of key topics: What you are feeling right now is normal, Bear markets are not especially rare. Why you should not “bail out”, Timelines of previous Bear/Bull Markets."

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Coronavirus Chaos - Thank You For Your Confidence Thumbnail

Coronavirus Chaos - Thank You For Your Confidence

At FSG we understand you have placed a great deal of trust in us. You have worked and saved and, in many cases, invested your life savings with us. We do not take this responsibility lightly. In many of my previous writings you may have heard me use the term market noise and preach about focusing on the long term. I won’t call the Coronavirus market noise because people have died, so it feels a little insensitive, and with how quick the recent drop in markets has occurred I cannot blame you for being concerned about that “noise”.

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Roth IRAs: Three Huge Benefits Thumbnail

Roth IRAs: Three Huge Benefits

"If I could only contribute to one retirement account for the rest of my working career, it would be the Roth IRA/401k. Although there are many benefits to a Roth IRA, there are three benefits that I find to be most intriguing. On top of the benefits I lay out below, you will be pleased to hear that in recent years employers have made the Roth 401k more accessible and the contribution limit on Roth IRAs has been increased!"

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What Your Golf Game Can Teach You About Investing	 Thumbnail

What Your Golf Game Can Teach You About Investing

"I spend most of my day sitting at my desk or in a conference room, and the closest thing I get to exercise is when I skip out of the office early to play a quick 9 before heading back home. As I sit here and look out my office window at the beautiful, sunny, 70-degree day we’re having it has me thinking: How can golf help with money management? So I have come up with a couple of different points that I think can put some perspective on financial planning."

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