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Investing to and Through Retirement Thumbnail

Investing to and Through Retirement

Do – Diversify your portfolio. This may sound cliché but it is vitally important. Diversification acts as an insulator against the ups and downs of the market. If you own too much in any one company, economic sector, asset type, or country you are unnecessarily exposing yourself to additional risk. True diversification is when you own several different types of stocks (e.g. US, international, emerging market, large cap, mid cap and small cap), bonds (e.g. US, international, Floating rate, inflation protected, high yield, short term, etc.) and alternative asset classes (e.g. real estate, precious metals, oil/gas, etc.).

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2019 Third Quarter Market Update Thumbnail

2019 Third Quarter Market Update

If we take a look back at the key stories of Q3, there are three headlines that stand out to me as being material to markets. 1. The 10 year treasury rate collapsed. 2. Attacks on oil fields in Saudia Arabia. 3. The trade war continues. As we enter the fourth quarter, most investors will be watching for any positive movement on trade and for another rate cut from the federal reserve. If we focus on disciplined investing, asset allocation, and cost-conscious implementation, we know we will be on the right path.

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The New Age of Financial Responsibility Thumbnail

The New Age of Financial Responsibility

I grew up in a small town outside of Flint, Michigan called Swartz Creek. Many of the people in our community worked for one of the “Big Three” automakers, including my uncle, all three of my best friends’ dads, and many of my extended family. These companies were a classic example of a typical 20th-century employer. Right out of high school you could get a good job and make a very good living. It was certainly not easy work but if you stuck with it for 30 years you would be well taken care of with an opportunity for early retirement, a good pension and excellent health care benefits. Today, things are very different.

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Tariffs, Trade Wars, and Trump Tweets, Oh My! Thumbnail

Tariffs, Trade Wars, and Trump Tweets, Oh My!

Here we are nearing the last quarter of 2019 and there is no lack of things for capital markets to be upset about. Whether it is trade tensions with China, an inverted yield curve, or the markets reacting to the latest tweet from our POTUS, I find myself fielding the same question from both existing and prospective clients. “What does the future hold?” (or some form of that). Unfortunately, my crystal ball is broken but my answer these days boils down to this: volatility.

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Equifax Data Breach Thumbnail

Equifax Data Breach

The settlement between Equifax and the US Government over their 2017 data breach has been reached. There have been plenty of headlines and talk surrounding the settlement. I wanted to take some time and highlight the important things to know and considerations if you were affected.

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Best College Saving Strategies Thumbnail

Best College Saving Strategies

It’s no secret that student loan debt is a major problem in this country. Many individuals in the generation that is now having babies and raising children are still paying down student loan debt. As a result, parents and grandparents are thinking more proactively about saving and planning for college expenses. Here are my favorite three strategies to save for college expenses.

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2019 Second Quarter Market Update- Barbeques and Bull Markets Thumbnail

2019 Second Quarter Market Update- Barbeques and Bull Markets

Summer is clearly here and for many of us that brings so many of our favorite things. Sunshine, warm weather, lakes, boats, pools, vacations, barbeques and in the case of second quarter markets; another quarter of overall positive market performance since the recent decline at the end of 2018.

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How do I find the Right Financial Advisor? Thumbnail

How do I find the Right Financial Advisor?

With a growing number of individuals referring to themselves as financial advisers it’s no surprise why investors are facing challenges around finding the right financial professional to partner with. As a financial adviser, I understand it can be confusing for investors to distinguish between different types of financial advisers, their licenses, credentials and the services they provide.

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2019 First Quarter Market Update- Redemption Thumbnail

2019 First Quarter Market Update- Redemption

Have you ever overreacted? Of course you have. Maybe your spouse did or said something that normally would only be mildly irritating, but for some reason on a particular day it really upset you. This might cause you to say something you later regret. The chances of us as human beings overreacting to something increase when we are tired, hungry, or under the weather. In other words, when we are under duress it is not uncommon for us to be moody.

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