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BrokerCheck Demonstration Thumbnail

BrokerCheck Demonstration

Brice recently received an invite to a FREE retirement planning dinner. Upon further inspection, it turned out the host of this dinner was not a properly licensed financial advisor! Watch out for these "FREE" sales presentations. In this video, Brice demonstrates how you can use BrokerCheck.com to look up financial advisors and check their credibility.

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2019 Standing Letter of Authorization Thumbnail

2019 Standing Letter of Authorization

You may receive a Standing Letter of Authorization for all your accounts in the mail soon. This is an annual mailing that is sent from TD Ameritrade. Kyle goes in-depth on what you should expect to see in the letter and what it means for your accounts. Please reach out to us if you have any questions on this.

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FSG Financial TV- Ep 1. Biblically Responsible Investing Thumbnail

FSG Financial TV- Ep 1. Biblically Responsible Investing

Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) is an investment practice that filters out companies engaged in activities that conflict with biblical values. There are several different organizations that define various activities which do not represent Christian values. Learn how FSG uses BRI. See Brice's article to read more on the topic. www.fsgmichigan.com/what-is-biblically-responsible-investing

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