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Get to know ME

Family has always been very important to my wife and I. Growing up I was always close with my parents and brother, and those relationships have only strengthened throughout my life. With a family of my own I see, more than ever, the value of a healthy dynamic. I’m very blessed to be in a career that allows me to both provide for, and spend valuable time with my wife and our growing children. This is also what drives me to be passionate about my work, that I can be a catalyst to affect the same positive impact on the lives of my clients.

I married my middle-school crush, Nicole, in the Fall of 2013 and it didn’t take us very long to welcome our first son, Emmett just over a year later. Since then my family and my faith have been key drivers for my work. When we welcomed our second born son, Gideon, in 2017 my passion for my family and my work only grew. Nowadays you’ll typically find me doing one of my 3 favorite things: spending time with my family and friends, meeting with clients, or slicing drives on the golf course.

Growing up, like most families we did not talk about finances very much. Paired with a lack of practical financial education in the school system, I have a very real understanding of how difficult it is to find trustworthy information about financial planning and investing. When I joined the FSG team in 2012 I quickly fell in love with the industry, and particularly the approach that the advisors were taking when meeting with clients - taking the clients best interest at heart, and educating people to empower them to make informed decisions. The same things that I value in my personal life are translated into business here at the office. When working with me you can expect honesty, reliability, and trust (also known as Transparent, Reliable, Qualified).


Chartered Financial Consultant®

Retirement Income Certified Professional®

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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