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ComplImEntary Second Opinion Service


As a child, everything you owned could fit in one box. But as time passed, you collected more things and life became less simple.

Now you have several boxes, stored quietly and working systematically. These boxes may hold an insurance plan purchased from an insurance agent, a 401K from an employer, various investments from a broker, the services of a CPA you’ve had for years and so on.

These boxes can accumulate intentionally or passively, but it may be time to hit the pause button and examine the state of your financial “storage unit.”

You will walk away from our second opinion service with the ability to:

  •  Evaluate and understand what you own in each box and how those things can work together for you.
  •  Gain clarity of the ways your advisor or financial professionals are being compensated.
  •  Be confident your tax strategy is efficient. Getting a “good return” each year does not equate to tax efficiency (as it could be setting you up for some difficulty in future years).
  •  Be empowered with education so you can grasp the big concepts… to make the big decisions only you know are best for you and your family.
  •  Confirm you are not duplicating your efforts by paying several professionals to do the same task in different ways.
  •  Analyze the way you are investing and saving for retirement, especially if you’re tackling this on your own.  

The best part of our second opinion service is our promise to not, at any point, make you feel like you’re being pressured by a sales pitch. This is a completely complimentary meeting and there is no expectation for transaction.  There is a possibility that you are in the exact spot you should be, and we will be happy to confirm that for you. But if this is not the case, we commit to providing insight and education.

You will leave with a fresh perspective and a deeper understanding of your storage boxes.



Getting to Know You

Our first 1-2 meetings will focus on open dialogue so we can learn about you and your goals.  We understand finances can be quite personal and require a high level of trust, so we want you to use this time to get to know us, too.


Solidify Our Relationship

With the information we learned in the discovery meeting, we can look deeper into our role in your financial picture and the value of what we can do.  If we see each other as a good fit, we can begin our partnership.



Creating Your Personal Plan


Putting Your Plan in Action


Evaluating Your Financial Progress

If you choose to become a client, we will work with you on the final three phases of our process.


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