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Junior Financial Advisor

Job Description and Duties

Our Culture

If you are inclined to skip this section of our job posting, don’t! At Financial Strategies Group, our company's culture is of the highest importance. We believe the choices that a person makes affect the quality of their life; that is why we exist. Every day, we pride ourselves on putting our clients and their needs first. Transparency among one another internally and to our clients is of utmost importance. Day in and day out, we come together as a team and rely on each other to ensure our clients can rely on us. This is why we are continually raising the bar by continuing our education and proving that we are qualified to help our clients with some of the most important decisions they will make in their lifetime. Hard work is in the very depths of our DNA. We approach every problem with a creative solution and a compassionate heart, whether that problem is client-facing or internal. Lastly, we come to the table with the heart of a teacher, and internally, we expect that every team member will be teachable and humble enough to see the growth that comes through being coachable.

Of course, we aren’t all work. If you don’t enjoy laughing while working hard, then FSG is not the place for you. Our company culture leaves room for us all to laugh at one another as well as laugh at ourselves. We desire to build something beyond ourselves, and because of that, we have become much closer than colleagues; FSG truly is a family. If this description of our culture gets your heart racing and pumps you up to change the world, then please keep reading and send us your resume. If it doesn’t, that is ok. We are a unique firm, and we are not for everyone. Keep looking, and you will find the perfect fit for you.

Job Description

This financial advisor position is specifically to fill the role of Junior Financial Advisor to FSG’s founding advisors.  This advisor will shadow the advisors, assist with inputting notes and data, and eventually take select clients from their advisors to have as their own.  

Junior Advisor will have the opportunity to bring on their own clients and grow their individual book of business as they desire.

There is a possibility that this advisor will fill the advisor seat on FSG’s leadership team and assist in coordinating with other departments.

Duties include but are not limited to: 

- Client relationship skills must be able to effectively communicate with clients while being warm and sincere
- Assist senior advisor and shadow all meetings
- Creative thinking and problem-solving skills, each case will present its own unique variables and challenges, it is our job to do the heavy lifting so that our clients don’t have to
- Learn and become proficient with all technology partners of Financial Strategies Group (Orion, E-Money Financial Planning Software, Wealthbox, Riskalyze, and others)
- Work cooperatively with the entire team to learn systems and processes


- Series 65 or equivalent
- Passion for Client Service
- Great Communication Skills
- Organized, Efficient, and Professional Work Ethic
- Must be a cultural fit


- Base salary with additional AUM-based compensation
- 401K Match
- Health Insurance
- Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability Insurance
- Paid time off and paid holidays
- Semi-flexible schedule

Work Location 

- Okemos or Fenton

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