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We understand that the multiple steps after signing your financial plan can be confusing. To help simplify the process, follow the steps below:

1. After your Advisor signs the Financial Planning Agreement you will be sent an email to sign your agreement and set up payment info. You will click "view and sign the contract."

2. You will then click the blue "get started" button and sign the contract.

3. After signing the contract you will have the option to download it and pay your invoice. Click "pay invoice" to register and set up payment info.

4. You will then click "create your account."

5.  You will create a password

6. From the main page you will click "make payment" under the monthly subscription section.

7. You will click "make payment" on the next screen.

8. You will select your payment method. Most will only have one option to select.

Screen for adding Bank Account
You will then click "manually enter details"

Screen for adding a credit card

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