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Equifax Data Breach Settlement Thumbnail

Equifax Data Breach Settlement

Kyle shares information surrounding the 2017 Equifax data breach and class action settlement. Below is a link that will help you check if you were affected in the data breach. If you were affected, this link will help explain your rights and options: https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/cases-proceedings/refunds/equifax-data-breach-settlement

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True Finance: Keeping Yourself In Check Thumbnail

True Finance: Keeping Yourself In Check

Kyle touches on a few points regarding the decisions you make when it comes to your finances in this week's True Finance. Check out Kyle's series on layering assets on our website: Your Conservative Bucket: https://fsgmichigan.com/vlog/segmenting-the-portfolio-series-your-conservative-bucket Your Mid-Term Bucket: https://fsgmichigan.com/vlog/segmenting-the-portfolio-series-your-mid-term-bucket Your Long-Term Bucket: https://fsgmichigan.com/vlog/segmenting-the-portfolio-series-your-long-term-bucket 2019 First Quarter Update Market Redemption: https://fsgmichigan.com/blog/2019-first-quarter-market-update-redemption

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Educational Moment: The Pitfalls of Traditional IRA's Thumbnail

Educational Moment: The Pitfalls of Traditional IRA's

In this week's Educational Moment, Justin takes some time to chat about traditional IRA's, the short and long term benefits along with some alternative options. For more information on Roth IRA's visit our website, https://fsgmichigan.com/blog/roth-iras

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Educational Moment: Tax Planning Thumbnail

Educational Moment: Tax Planning

We're back again at The Draft Sports Bar & Grill for this week's Educational Moment. Mark spends a few minutes touching on everyone's favorite civic duty, paying taxes.

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Educational Moment: At FSG, You're Not Just A Number Thumbnail

Educational Moment: At FSG, You're Not Just A Number

This week, Mark sits down again at his favorite local sports bar, The Draft Sports Bar & Grill and takes the time to explain how cultivating long-lasting relationships with our clients is our priority and we commit to being available, involved and proactive with your financial goals.

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