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Market Update – April 2017 Thumbnail

Market Update – April 2017

How long can this last? When is the next big one coming? These are the questions we, as financial advisors, are asked on nearly a daily basis.

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Market Update June 2016 Thumbnail

Market Update June 2016

When many of us hear the words “The Fed” we think of The Federal Government however in the financial world “The Fed” stands for The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve serves as the central bank of the United States and creates monetary policy. The Fed’s decisions on interest rates and open market activities have an enormous effect on the economy.

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Market Update March 2016 Thumbnail

Market Update March 2016

Have you ever been waiting in line at the grocery store, or perhaps the coffee shop, and trying to listen to the attendant but the person behind you was talking so loud into their cellphone they may as well be shouting? This minor violation of unwritten societal rules can be especially irritating and difficult to ignore because it distracts us from what is important.

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