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2018 Year in Review, Market Update  Thumbnail

2018 Year in Review, Market Update

As far as investing is concerned, I prefer years that are easily forgotten. It’s easy to forget years where the market hits its “average performance”. Unfortunately, markets do not like to hit their averages each year. In fact, markets very rarely return their multi-year average in any single year. For the last century, the S&P 500 has returned an average rate of return of about 10% per year, yet from 1926-2018 the index has only returned between 8%-12% seven times. Seven years out of 92!

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Third Quarter Market Update Thumbnail

Third Quarter Market Update

It has been ten years since the Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and surged the world into the global financial crisis. There have been 3 different Chairs of the Federal Reserve in that time frame. The world has changed a lot since then...

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Second Quarter Market Update- Changing Tides Thumbnail

Second Quarter Market Update- Changing Tides

Most people grow up thinking that changing of the tides is caused solely by the moon. It is true that the gravitational “pull” of the moon is a major factor but there are a number of other factors that cause the tides to change.

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First Quarter Market Update- Too Much of a Good Thing Thumbnail

First Quarter Market Update- Too Much of a Good Thing

As a kid, I took everything to the extreme. Whether it was collecting baseball cards, wrestling, or fishing I had the attitude that you cannot get too much of a good thing. As I grew up, I started to realize even the most positive and constructive things in our lives, when taken too far, can be damaging or even destructive. Hard work, exercise, money and adventure are a few examples. We have all heard the saying, “Too much of a good thing is...a bad thing” and I am sure all of you can think of a time when you experienced this cliche firsthand. What if I told you this is one of the biggest reasons the market has been so volatile lately?

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2017 Year End Market Update Thumbnail

2017 Year End Market Update

The stock and bond markets in 2017 were truly in extraordinary form despite the economy not necessarily growing in an extraordinary fashion.

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